Changing chart colors in charts created using MDA data

  • 9 October 2015
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Anyone have any idea how chart colors can be changed when charts are created in Reports 2.0 using MDA data?

More like is this even possible? Mainly because below you can see the two Green colors are almost so similar its confusing to which metrics this is referring to.

6 replies

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Ability to change colors in a graph is in our roadmap. Actual timing is TBD.

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I concur. Having a choice of colors would be a substantial win. As Naquiyah points out, the colors can occasionally be close in hue. Also, there are times I want to chart items which might be perceived as negative (number of errors my SaaS platform issued, which might be red) vs positive (number of clicks on a new feature, which might be green). Having the ability to select colors clarifies that story whereas now my lines are whatever color Gainsight selects for me.
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This is become needed more and more for us. As you can see from the screenshot below, none of the colors are correct and can be misleading to those who are not aware of the issue with not being able to select the correct color. Please expedite this functionality.

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Hello Everyone,

Ability to change colors is tentatively targeted for May release.