Best Practices/Experience syncing both Salesforce Leads & Contacts into the Company Person object?

  • 21 December 2021
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Our team is considering getting our sales team more involved/dependent on People Maps. It works well for our CS team currently, but our Sales team relies more on Leads vs Contacts. We’re currently using the Contact Id as the identifier, so that we can capture changes in name/emails without creating duplicates in Gainsight. Has anyone decided to sync in both contacts and leads and have any words of advice? Do you sync leads at a certain point in the sales process for an account to avoid bringing in ‘junk’ leads? What do you use as the identifier to capture both sources? Last, how do you most efficiently handle adding new leads/contacts? We currently struggle just on the contact side with CSMs manually adding a new ‘person’ via the +PERSON button in people maps because we can’t turn it off. Since we use the contact id as our identifier, these manually added people are never tied to a contact record and thus will never have user related data from salesforce.

4 replies

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@seth anything we can think of for this usecase?

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@rakesh, reckoning you might have a tip for this? 

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Hi @katie_b I can help you partially here with insights from key developments happening at our end:-

  1. We’re working on a solution to seamlessly sync data between GS and SF and therefore handle the precise use-case you’ve mentioned that creates dupes. In the solution that we’re contemplating, we’ll capture the source where a contact/person record was created and during the sync either allow or prevent creation of a new record based on the source. For e.g if a record is created in GS and synced to SF and then during a SF to GS sync, we’ll read the source of the record created(which in this case is GS) and prevent creating a new record in GS. This enhancement is on our near term roadmap.
  2. The “Add Person” in People Maps, we’ve built a lock around it that can be controlled by the admin in the C/R 360 layout Person admin section. Therefore the “Add Person” will be enabled to the end user(CSMs) only if the admin chooses to do so. This capability will be shipped in the upcoming quarters.

Hope this helps.

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@Shilpa Gumnur Thank you! Those updates are helpful.