Adding Salesforce Cases into the C360 view

  • 10 December 2021
  • 3 replies

Is it possible to add salesforce cases into the c360 view with full viewer access to status, subject, details, dates, ect?

3 replies

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Hi Jacob -- we do this, but we don’t bring in our cases directly from Salesforce. We bring in our cases from our data hub which receives a feed of case data from SFDC, and then we ingest the cases to Gainsight with data designer through a table that our data team has set up for us. I show cases as a Related List on the C360 with the details you mentioned. It’s a more non-traditional way of ingesting this data I imagine, but it works for us.

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I’ve done it directly from SFDC, and then a Related List like Sarah mentioned, and it’s worked pretty well.

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I’ve done the same as @heather_hansen. I’ve done it two ways in the past.

One, you can pull the Case data into Gainsight into the Cases object using the SFDC connector. This loads the data directly into Gainsight and you will need to refresh the data regularly so that CSMs can see the latest and greatest information. 

Or two, you can just show the SFDC data if you are using the SFDC. Here is some instructions on how to do this:


In Option 2, the data is always fresh and shows exactly as it is in SFDC. This can make it better for CSMs so that there is no delay on the data.