Write a Survey Comment to a Comment Field in GS or SFDC

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We have a couple surveys where the answer to the questions would be helpful to live on the account in a comment field instead of a few clicks in to get to the survey and then the question and then the answer.

In the survey analytics, you can view the answers to questions, and it shows which account the response maps back to:

I haven't been able to recreate this in a report, which is typically my first step before attempting to write rules.

Is it possible in a report or rule to map the comment from a specific question back to the customer? If not, this would be very helpful. 

We could then create reports for different departments about the comments. Example: If a survey asked what we could improve in our Product, we could write those to a comment field. From there, we could create reports that say if the comment contains "XYZ". This would allow us to create power lists to send information to the customer when the feature releases.

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Hi Lane,
Currently Gainsight system doesn't have capability to create these rules or reports because data for survey is in multiple objects and we do not support join between them.
However we are already working towards it and project is underway to enable multi level lookup, will update back this thread with Release date soon.
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Hi Praneet, 

Is there an update to this request?  We would also like to start capturing survey responses in SFDC at the account level. 

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Hi All,
With Summer Release of Gainsight, We allow Survey data to be flattened in MDA. You can create Rule on that object to update SFDC field.
For enabling this feature, please contact Gainsight support as this feature is in beta mode for this release.