Would like to be able to send a survey from Cockpit/new "Email Assist" Playbook task

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Was this released? How do the CSMs populate the survey link token?

Right now, they have to delete that sentence from the email and/or paste in the link separately.

Does the survey have to be specific to email assist? Trying to send emails to non-enterprise clients via CoPilot Outreach then send to enterprise clients via Email Assist, with same survey link.
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Hey Brooke,

This was released. You should be able to add a 2.0 email template with survey link/button to a playbook and map it to a specific survey. The link is autogenerated based on the contact added.
Thanks, Alex! I can’t figure out how to map in the survey link. Is that from the playbook or does the CSM do it within the task?
Last thing: How/when can the CSM uncheck the "send separate emails" checkbox? Is that not possible in this use case?
Perfect! Exactly the info I was looking for! Thanks, Alex!
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Hi Brooke,

Hope you were able to send survey from Email Assist, you can visit this document to know more about it.

Let me know if you have any more questions related to it.