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Why am I not able to update fields in the MILESTONE object?

  • 15 September 2016
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I need to insert a value in a field that sits in the Milestone object (a managed object), through a rule in Gainsight, but that object is not visible in the list (where we usually have Account, Contract, Contact etc).

The Load to Milestone Action Type is not useful, because I do not want to add a new Milestone, I just need to add data into another field for the milestones I already have.

3 replies

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Hi Christina:

Currently the load to Gainsight object functionality stops at the Customer Info record and the Relationship record.  Will you be updating milestones in Gainsight often or is this a one-off instance?

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I would need this all the time. I am trying to build a graph showing the efficiency of training activities we deliver, and they are stored as Milestones. There are around 11 training activities that I want to group under the same Type, and this is why I need that field to be updated in the Milestone object. 

It would be really good to have more power using the Milestones object, because that can be used to do all sorts of reports that analyze the ROI of different teams, like CSMs and Professional Services (training activities), or even Marketing.

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Hi Cristina, I recently started going through all of the unanswered or unresolved problems and questions here.
We are not updating the custom fields with "Load to Milestone" action. Changing this into an Idea post so PMs has visibility into the issue.