When creating manual CTAs and tasks, default the owner to the current user

  • 9 August 2016
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I've gotten this requests from several customers, including App Annie and Splunk. 

The idea is that when CSMs create manual CTAs or add manual tasks to the CTAs, the owner field should automatically be populated with the current users / owner of the CTA. Quick enhancement, but for orgs that create a lot of manual CTAs and tasks this can be a time save. 

4 replies

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Great suggestion!
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Defaulting to the logged-in user and today's date, are both part of upcoming usability enhancements. Also being considered is the ability to save and create another CTA/Task from the same flow, as suggested on another thread.
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Has there been a confirmed date for this release? A few of our CSM's have suggested this as well. 
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This is available now.