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When creating a report allow for a "summary format" view just like Salesforce

  • 23 March 2016
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It would be great if we could view tabular reports in a summary format just like Salesforce and be able to group the data i.e. group by account to see all cases associated with each account and then when I click on the Last modified date to filter by most recent I still see my data grouped by accounts and all jumbled because it is giving me the most recent regardless of account name. 

5 replies

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Meant to say "NOT" all jumbled 
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Hi Andy, I want to better understand your question. In this use case are you grouping by Account Name and Last modified date? There is a limitation on SFDC that the primary group needs to be date, so this might be the issue. 
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See picture below. See how I still have my summary sections (groupings) but when I sort by created date it sorts within the groupings so I maintain my summary groups. 

This is huge, thank you for recommending Andrew. I want to have our CSMs live in Gainsight but it's difficult when you can't have groupings in reports except to do an aggregation on each field in the report.
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We are in the same boat, this is one of the biggest things blocking adoption by my team, because they have to keep going back to salesforce to look at their reports. 

Having everything in one list is just too confusing. Are there any plans to update this?