When building a rule with actiCall to Action, provide option to give CTA a name.

  • 15 June 2015
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Currently the CTA has the same name as the rule. This is limiting, especially when I have multiple actions on a single rule. I want to provide a more descriptive rule title than I would use for a CTA name. For example, I'm using a naming convention like "Adoption Step 3: Calculate Users and Trigger CTA." If that rule contains a CTA, I don't want to have to rename my rule. 

6 replies

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This is something that we are already thinking about and planning to add to our product. If there are more votes for this, then we will deliver sooner. 
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Another use case is when a single rule has two separate CTA actions – there's no way to name them differently. 
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Totally agree. The Rule Name needs to be descriptive for us as admins. The audience for the CTA name is the CSM so there needs to be the ability to provide a CTA Name.
Just a thought.  Would it help if we allow tokenization of CTA name, like we do for CTA Comments?
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@Vivek that would be nice, but for me tokenization is secondary to being able to title the CTA separately from the rule.
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This feature has been implemented and you will be able to tokenize the CTA comments too. Refer here for details.