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Channel performance is an important item we want to monitor over time. We have many types of Channels, up to about 30. Would like a way to graph just the top x number of channels over a period of time. Today the Ranking graph does not allow to see a trend of these channels over time.

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Hi Kara,

Thanks for the suggestion. We are thinking through the approach to get this implemented and will get back soon.

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Kara - Could you please share the type of graph that you are looking here? Usually top x number is applicable for a single measure. If you are expecting over trend over time, channels performance can very from period to period. So It would be hugely helpful, if you can share an example with rough Image.

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I can't see where I can attach an image here. I'd like to see a line graph, which shows each channel as a line over time.
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Could you please email to and