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Vague Timeout Error Message

  • 8 August 2016
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Customers have expressed concerns about some of our vague error messages in the past. While they are definitely getting better, there is another error message about timeouts that can be a little frustrating. 

In this case, our customer needed to completely log in and out of Salesforce to get rid of the issue, as well as refresh the page that this error popped up on. Adding a little clarity where possible would help save our customers time.

Thanks for all the hard work!
Logan T.

5 replies

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In addition, improving the connection between the systems in a way that will prevent the need to refresh Gainsight pages after you already re-login to SFDC in a different tab would be nice.
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Thanks for posting this. Are there specific pages within Gainsight where you would notice these message more often?

We will continue to improve and figure out ways to make the connection and error messages better. 

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This is from 2 years ago and doesn't seem to be any better. I am constantly asked by CSMs why there is a JSON string be thrown at them and what it means. It is confusing for them and frustrating for me to have to continually tell them to log out and back in again when Gainsight could easily add that language to the error dialog.
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May I have any update on this request. One more customer reported to me and asked us -

"Instead of getting these coded pop-ups though, it would be a great product update to have better notifications describing the issue, i.e. "It appears your Salesforce session has expired. Please log in or refresh page" something to that extent, because most users assume this is a bug when they cannot search for a customer"

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Do we have an update on this? Hearing it from additional customers and agree that the messaging is not clear. Thank you!