UX suggestion - IU feedback when a filter is applied

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Once of the most common issues our CSMs & managers have had is in not seeing records they expect in their views & cockpit. More often than not, this is because the view or cockpit is 'remembering' a filter that has been applied previously, however - it's not intuitive or easy to identify where this is the case. It would make for an improved user experience if there was some gentle UI feedback when selecting a view that has filter/s applied. 

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Understood Adam.  We actually are just launching our new UI over the next couple of releases and this was one thing we definitely worked to make standard and more obvious.  (Saw quite a few support tickets on that question).

Here is how we plan to have it look in Cockpit - you would see the filter icon with a number beside it showing # of filters set.  We also plan later to introduce Private views for users (so they can have easy access to their favorites) 

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Nice. That's definitely clearer:)  

Thanks for sharing this Denise