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User Currency not getting honoured for Aggregated fields in Reports

Customer : Tessian

Gainsight Edition: NXT


At preset when we use Aggregated field in a report/dashboard Global currency is getting applied, however customer wants to get the User currency applied instead of the Global.

In the below snapshot Aggregate function used is Sum and it shows the currency as GBP.



Below is the snapshot of the Currency set for the customer.



Support ticket raised in this regards: 149013


Can we please have this one added in our product roadmap?

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@BVirodhula thank you for your time and bringing this up here. This needs attention from multiple teams, I will request the product teams to respond here. 


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The @BVirodhula ,


The second screenshot you shared is the currency set up in the SFDC instance. We do honor the user currency for aggregated reports. However, there is one small difference here:

For SFDC reports - we honor the currency set in the profile page of the user in Salesforce. Look at the picture below:  



If you refer the support ticket mentioned above (, customer has already set the currency as USD in the Profile page of Salesforce.



There are other sections as well mentioned in the request where the changes were made but still the issue persisted.


Is there any workaround for this issue or is there any chance of including it in the roadmap (if yes any tentative date of release)?