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User-Based Home Pages (Multiple Home Page Admin-Templates)

  • 14 October 2021
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Idea: It would be much appreciated if our administrators could create and maintain multiple Home pages and assign access similarly to the Dashboards. 


We are aware that our Users are able to customize their own Home Pages. However, most of our Users do not care to do so and we see very little uptake for personalized customizations. This is because our environment is complex and the User’s primary artifacts change often. Constant enablement would be required for them to maintain their Home Page.

We have difficulty bringing Users into GS because they like to sell their own way. Adding extra work in the Gainsight environment is seen as more difficult than relying on what they have already built today. Our attempt is to lure them into GS with as little work on their part as possible. Simply sign in and they have all they need. 

Standardization is the goal for us as we grow, not customization (unless it’s done by the administrators on a team wide basis).  

4 replies

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:100: Could. Not. Agree. More.  @CurtisValentine 

When you get to 2000 users, having everyone looking at GS in their own way creates way more effort to support and manage (not to mention confusion and chaos amongst end users).  Standardization - so everyone’s looking at the same thing - should be the way to go.

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Hello @CurtisValentine, thank you for posting on Community. Passing this along to our Product Manager to be looked into and circle back to you with an answer.

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Shocked this wasn’t out there sooner. Linking to this as it covers other Home related issues and requests that may not have their own pages yet: 


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Hi @CurtisValentine 

This is more or less the direction we want to go with Gainsight Home. Currently we have one Home page per tenant. 
What all home pages would you build if you have this one?