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Update templates of Success Plans after they are active/in use

  • 14 August 2018
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Would love to be able to make updates to Success Plan templates after they have already been applied and made active by the CSMs. We recently rolled out a robust Success Plan for the entire team to use, and there were minor changes I wanted to make, but they wouldn't be applied to the Success Plans already in flight/underway. Would be great to be able to do that.

6 replies

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for sharing this. One question I had on this, how should this behave if the CSM has already worked on / made changes to the success plan ? (should they be left as is?)
If the CSM has already worked on the Success Plan, it should still be updated. The specific use case is that I want to be able to update the later objectives and related playbooks, even if CSM has already started. 
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We also have the same issue with minor changes even just to the added Customer information fields. Would be great to push those changes even when there is nothing affecting data entered by CSMs.

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for sharing this. Are you referring to changes to the layout of objectives? (like adding new fields)

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Hi, Not the objectives but the Success Plan fields themselves.

The objectives we wish we could push out using the Rules Engine, that would be amazing for us.


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Hi Team,


One of my customer was also looking to mass update the custom fields in the success plans using rules engine to make it more simpler, instead using API queries. Can we please let me know if it is in near term roadmap?