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Update tasks automatically if the CSM field is updated

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We have playbooks with tasks that are assigned to/owned by CSMs. Sometimes, the CSM is not filled in for a given customer when the playbook is still employed (through a rule upon the creation of a CTA). So automatically, the tasks are assigned to the default owner.A major feature request for us would be to have CTAs with playbooks applied to them update automatically if the CSM field is updated. In other words, the owner of the tasks should change to the CSM automatically and replace the default owner.

This is super important as we have rules and CTAs dedicated to CSM's being added after the fact and we want to be able to refresh somehow to apply the CSM information to tasks that previously did not have CSMs associated with them. Instead, what we have is a ton of tasks that are owned and assigned to the default owner (until we "apply playbook" which we don't want to do especially if there are already closed tasks in the CTA)/=.

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