Unable to create CTA when participant token has null value in comments

  • 18 November 2021
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Hi Team,

As per the product behavior, in the program, if there is any null value present in the participant token then the JO program will not the CTA at the CTA creation step and the participant will be dropped from the program.

Thank you.

3 replies

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A quick update on the above - A fix to address this is being developed as part of the Jan 2022 release.


Whenever a token value is null / cannot be resolved, system will replace it with NA and continue to create the CTA

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@PavanCh AMAZING!! Thank you!

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I just ran into this myself. I spent significant time over the better part of Q4 updating and enhancing our JO programs with the goal of launching all 12 programs in 2022. Everything was looking good, I was seeing the right participants, my tokens were mapping as expected, and I was confident in the launch.

Fast forward to launch day, and I publish the programs only to have some of my participants fail. I find out that it’s because I’m trying to map in “Preferred Phone” as a token in the CTA comments, a seemingly unimportant mapping, and I made the assumption that if it was null, it would just map in a blank value. Unfortunately, I find out this is not true, as my participants failed because they did not have a Preferred Phone.

This requires me to go back to my participant sources and either add a transformation task or a case expression to provide a default value if it is null, and I must do this for all the tokens I plan to map into the CTA comments, which is >10. This will take me significant time, and as a result I’m just going to have to remove these mappings in the CTA for now until I can readdress this.

Please adjust this behavior so that tokens in CTAs do not have the same logic as tokens in an email, or should at least have the ability to define a default value.