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Two-way sync for Timeline -> SF Events/Tasks

  • 31 March 2020
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Would like the functionality to enable SF events created via the Activity Sync from GS to write-back to the original timeline entry with updated information. 


Use case:

Our clients purchase professional service hours by way of an order form on SF (added as product line item). 

Once a session has been delivered the CSM logs this via the Timeline as an activity, and then we push that activity, via the Activity Sync, to SF as events. 

We then run a fulfilment logic on the created event to remove the provided number of hours from the clients’ available figure (if they have any). 

When this logic happens we update the event (in SF) to state whether it has been fulfilled or not, and how many hours we took for it (for example a 90 minute session would take 2 hours). 

This additional information only sits within SF but ideally any updates to the event/task in SF would then update the relevant timeline entry in GS. This would allow us to provide reporting in GS on how many that were supposed to be were successfully fulfilled, as well as how many “hours” (rather than minutes) have been spent with the customer. 

Currently our reporting for that has to sit in SF which impacts on adoption.  

1 reply

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I understand your use-case and thanks for sharing. This is on our roadmap.