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True NPS Summary Widget

  • 6 October 2021
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It would be nice if there was an option to give the C360 Summary NPS widget True Score a yellow color range much like the Average NPS Score. A range between 0-50 to assist with quick-glance visual cue would be nice but maybe even being able to set your industry NPS range to assist with moving the needle. 


For example, we are in health care and industry NPS around Software and health range between 30-40 so a True NPS score of 14 really is not “Green”. Although reporting wise it is good to have more promoters than detractors, at an end-user experience it would be nice to aid in quickly identifying an account is leaning into yellow. 



2 replies

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Hello @B.Abrahams, thank you for your post. having this forwarded to our Product Manager to look into and get back to you. 

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Thanks @B.Abrahams - I have made note of this. We intend to correct it in the coming releases.