True NPS calculation and NPS Widget

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To have this capability we need to have reporting enhancement to support formula fields at column level.
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Can you customize the NPS meter widget? Your meter says 20 is green. We think 30+ is green?
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Praneet, I know that customers can now configure the Summary section of the C360 to show actual NPS, as opposed to the score average, if they so chose.

Does that configuration also allow for the actual NPS to be displayed in the Surveys section of the C360? Or would the "NPS" number in the Surveys section still be an average of the scores given to the NPS question in that survey, as shown below? 

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Jeff this is great! I am trying to implement this and cannot seem to find the "NPS Response" object. I tried going to Administration >> Data Management but I am not seeing any objects listed there relating to surveys, NPS, or responses.

Can you point me in the right direction?
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Ben -- looks to me like you're looking at the MDA objects. At least currently, the NPS Response object I was referencing is in Salesforce. I do know from a conversation a couple of weeks ago that surveys will likely shift to MDA in an upcoming release. Including this as a default feature would be great.
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I am adoring this idea. The one change I made is to use -100 and 100, so that the report shows the NPS score as an integer instead of a decimal.

FYI, for those who like a copy-paste situation, this is the formula I used for the custom field:
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Nice tweak, Seth! I've just been dealing with the decimal point. This is much better! :-)

Since you're throwing around terms like "genius," I think should be sure to give credit to the team at SurveyMonkey who built our Salesforce integration. They're the ones who implemented this and that's where I first saw it.
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Mostly I'm beating myself up over not being able to creatively deploy basic algebra 
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Hi, any plans of making the true NPS calculation available in reporting and analytics with Survey 2.0?
This thing has been getting kicked around like a dead cat on the side of the highway.

Was anyone able to make this work?

I am currently calculating overall NPS by spend tier outside of Gainsight in Power BI, but would prefer to calculate this in an Executive Dashboard.

Overall NPS = 67

NPS for Tech Touch = 43

NPS for Enterprise = 71

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@denise_stokowski @praneet I'm wondering if there has been any movement on calculating true NPS and not just the average or sum of NPS responses in Reports and Dashboards. I think it would be valuable to show NPS on Dashboards and allow for filtering based upon segment, cohort, etc.

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@jake_ellis - we are currently developing formula fields for reporting which will allow for this kind of inline NPS calculation. It's a complex problem to solve for, but you'll be happy to know that it's in development as we speak.

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@jake_ellis If you expand all the comments on Scott Morris' comment above (beginning, "Totally understand the need to see the true NPS score on the 360."), you'll find a workaround that's available today! If you're skeptical, one of our Solution Architects ( @jessie_brainerd ) was a math major and couldn't wait to prove it out 🙂 See:

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Hi All,

Thanks for you comments!

A column has been added in the to get the True NPS score.

Please follow the thread.

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Nice! Thank you, @piyushmadhukar !

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@christopher_sanderson calculatiton of True NPS score is possbile now.

Admins can build a report on True NPS in Gainsight Reports and Dashboards which allows for dynamic filtering categorized by Participant, Company, Region, Product, Segment, CSM, etc. True NPS is a standard field in the application object NPS Survey Response. This field helps admins to calculate True NPS for various segments of responses.

This field stores the value :

100 for Promoters (Response values of 9 or 10)

0 for Passives (Response values of 7 or 8)

-100 for detractors (Response values of 0 to 6)

To find the True NPS of all the responses that you have filtered, you must apply an aggregation of average on this field.

Follow this article for more information