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Track Usage of Email Templates

  • 21 January 2022
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Hi Team,

Do we have any plans of tracking the usage of email templates that are used via Gmail/Outlook Plugin?

It will be great to have some stats around the usage of these templates.

Right now, as an admin I don’t have any visibility on how the templates are being utilised by the team (or even if they are being utilised or not).



2 replies

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+1000, I get asked this constantly from Marketing/CS Managers, and for good reasons. This would be an excellent feature.

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This is a major need. We are starting to automate more emails for our mid-high touch CSMs and one way to secure buy in is to suppress anyone that they’ve already manually sent the template to - so they can provide personalization to their highest touch customers and let automation support them where needed. 

We also just upgraded our instance and rolled out the Outlook Plugin, but I’m questioning the value of enabling the use of templates through Outlook if they can’t be tracked or even referenced through the platform.