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  • 19 December 2016
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We started using the Gainsight Timeline feature last week, and it’s
super. We are heavy Activity log users in Salesforce, and this nice, clean,
saveable interface for taking all those notes works well. Thanks very much.

The only thing that’s missing is that when we Log an Activity screen in
Salesforce there was the option at the bottom of the screen to, at the same
time, log an Action reminder for yourself, and give it a due date, etc. Would it be possible to do this, or anything like this, directly
from the Timeline note logging feature?


2 replies

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Hi Rish,

Thanks for the post. Yes, adding inline follow-up tasks in an activity is in our roadmap. You will have an option to link the task to an existing CTA or we will automatically create a CTA for it, so that the task is available in cockpit. ETA tentatively spring release.

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Rish - Would the notion of to-do's (connected to CTAs) that Nitisha explained above suffice, or are you looking for a separate reminder functionality similar to what SF provides?