Timeline Entries from Success Plans

  • 10 January 2019
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Currently, when you’re in a Success Plan you can create a timeline entry on an Objective. This entry will then show when you click on the Objective from the Success plan and it will show on the overall Timeline for the client.

There is not the ability to create a timeline entry from a Task.

There is also not a way when creating a timeline entry from the overall client timeline to tag an Objective so that it shows in the Success Plan when you select the Objective.

The following suggestion would make a more streamlined approach to creating timeline entries directly from the Success Plan, allow for better and more consistent reporting on timeline entries, the ability to introduce more filters on the client’s timeline, and reduce clicks for entries which ultimately drives higher adoption of timeline.

Because Success Plans allow for tracking of Client progress toward their objective and timeline allows for note taking on client interaction, it would make sense to allow for direct note taking on Task completion as well as Objective completion.

Suggestion: Timeline Entries should allow for the selection of an Objective and/or Task to be linked to the entry. Further, timeline entries should be able to be created and viewed directly from a Task in a Success Plan.

6 replies

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Thanks for the idea. We are currently thinking about solving the use-case where a timeline entry can be linked to an objective, success plan, etc. directly in 360. We will share more updates as we have more clarity.

Adding a Timeline at task level is not planned yet.



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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of v6.9 release (Dec). Gainsight has now introduced a Timeline tab at the Success Plan level. With this enhancement, CSMs can now post activities, save drafts, and view all activities related to the Success Plan. Each Success Plan will have its own Timeline tab, but this tab is not available for externally shared Success Plans. 

You can find the relevant information in our v6.9 Release Notes.

This feature is implemented in only NXT version.

Thanks for posting!

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@rakesh_lingala is there a way from timeline to tie to a success plan? CSMs often go directly to timeline - we want to easily associate a timeline entry from success plans and also to make it easy if you are already in timeline to associate to success plans

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@andreammelde Associating/re-associating timeline to success plan is in medium term roadmap.

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  @Anil Raj Pujari  - agree with @andreammelde : the user experience is that they usually go into Timeline in C360. Is there a way to associate it there? This would also be great to associate to Health Score (and anywhere else that a timeline entry can be added)


Health Score for example - we have instances where the CSM does enter a HEalthScore Update, but they do so in the Timeline in C360 instead of accessing the timeline through HealthScore. Thus, it appears they never made an update when in fact they did- but just didnt do it through Health Score.


An easy solve it to have the ability to associate it  regardless of where you enter timeline entry


Is there an additonal idea for this already that we can vote on?

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@Anil Raj Pujari  - Attaching emails directly to success plan timeline is quite cumbersome. Having the ability to go into the C360 timeline, find the activity, and associate it with a specific success plan would be huge for our Escalation Management team who works solely out of Success Plans as a supplement to our CSM pillar. Currently, they’re looking at two different places for info on what both they and/or the CSM has done to resolve the escalation because it is not easy to associate Gainsight BCC linked emails to success plans without doubling the work.