Timeline Associated Record - More Fields for CTA Config

  • 9 August 2021
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Currently, the configuration for Associated Records for Timeline entries has a limited field set you can pick from when searching for and displaying the associated records of a given timeline entry. If you want to show the company name or CTA status, you only have the option for selecting ID fields:


The problem with this, is that when you hover over the record you associated your timeline entry with, all you see are the IDs. Note that while Owner shows here as a text field it displays as an ID below:



The ask here is allow the same level of granularity on fields you can select honoring lookups like you would expect with selecting fields in say, a report. Not a groomed list of fields that don’t really provide any benefit.


If I’m just doing it wrong, please let me know. At time of writing the support page on how to configure this feature is not live. 

edit: I am testing in a sandbox

1 reply

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@bradleymcg Thank you so much for the feedback. We will look into this and update you once we have the timeline to ship the changes.

Also, the document has been updated on this link -