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Timeline Activity Duration stored in Hours and minutes

  • 6 January 2022
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Currently Duration (in min) is stored as a number.  This number on an individual timeline basis may be fine, although when trying to sum up or count hours spent against a given client, or by CSM over last 7 days, Month, etc… # of Minutes quickly becomes a meaningless number. 

For reporting on a dashboard, we were able to create a widget that SUM the “Total Hours” (Duration in MIN / 60, 2 decimal places).  However, when drilling into the formula field, there is no setting to specify how many decimals a formula field should have in a drill down report.   

The widget looks like this - Summary of “Total Hours”​​​​​
This is what the drill down looks like.  Total Hours has no decimals and rounded to 1 or 0.


Two possible fixes:

  1. Ability to summarize a field into Hours/Minutes (not just by Thousands, Millions, etc.).  In this way the Summary widget could be built off the sum of duration in minutes, then the drill down report would also use the same field (thus negating the need of a formula field)
  2. Ability to specify # of decimals in a drill down report for formula fields.  Most Timeline entries are 60 minutes or under...In my scenario above, for Total Hours, anything under 30 minutes reports as “0” as it rounds down, and anything 30 minutes and up is rounded up to 1

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