Tasks display in drop down for Horizon view

  • 10 November 2020
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With the recent move to no long display tasks in a drop down below the CTA, our CSMs are now more challenged in editing and tracking tasks. This is for a couple of reasons: 

  1. This now adds additional clicks. Previously, we could select the task drop down and within the cockpit view easily see all tasks and due dates associated with that CTA. Adding extra clicks and burying tasks into a tab forces CMSs to take extra steps to see that information.
  2. Editing the due date of the CTA can inadvertently cause the CSM to edit the due date on tasks because they can no longer see tasks and CTAs at the same time. The experience now looks like this (editing the “test” CTA, which has 3 test tasks within it):
    1. Click on CTA due date from within the cock pit: 
    2. Select new due date and am prompted whether or not I want to change the due date of all Tasks. However, I cannot know this because I cannot see the tasks: 
  3. I can also edit the date from the details view. I click on the CTA to bring up details view. and then select a new due date: 
    1. I am asked if I want to edit the task due dates, yet still cannot see the tasks or their due dates:


9 replies

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@amanda.wachendorf Thanks for writing the feedback! and sorry for the trouble caused. I am redirecting this to our product team. 

Meanwhile I will also check if there is a way to do it.

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1. You can open the tasks by directly clicking on the task count. It takes you to the exact tab without any additional click.


2. While there is no direct solution, you can still achieve this by keeping the due date as the first column after opening the tasks separately as shown below.


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@amanda.wachendorf did this solve your query? Please let us know if you need any help here.

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@sai_ram I did share this with the team. Unfortunately we all agreed the work around still presented a much less desirable user experience, increased clicks and was still more difficult than the previous drop down experience. I would like to keep this request open as this is still a challenge for the team. 

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@sai_ram sure thing, I will make sure the request is open.

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+1 to this, our CSM’s are also reporting that they are finding it’s now more work (increased clicks) to see the tasks associated to a CTA, and would like the drop-down view to come back. 


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@amanda.wachendorf  @HollySimmons Thank you for the feedback.While we don’t have an immediate solution, we will be working on this feedback. Thanks.

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+1 Our team misses tasks due when they sort by CTA Due Date and miss CTAs when viewing Next Task Due Date.

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Adding my comment from another thread @sriram pasupathi and @sai_ram :


Task view would be very useful. We just switched to Horizon and this has been a big complaint from our end users, that they don’t have this view. I like @keith_mattes workaround (adding and then sorting by Next Task Due Date), but I also agree it doesn’t really fit the use case here of “when is the next thing due?” which more often than not is a task, as part of a CTA. Having to sort by task due date and then jumping into the cta instead of just seeing the task is a step backwards imo. (Related thread).


The way it is right now would be like sorting by success plan due date and not being able to see any CTA/objective due dates...:rolling_eyes: