Task sync to Microsoft To do Tasks

  • 26 March 2021
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Gainsight works well for updating relationship timelines,  entering the meeting highlights and capturing action items. 

The lifecycle of the task that needs to be taken into consideration and productivity tools such as Microsoft To do are incredibly useful. Getting things done and following up on action items is key for maintaining trust and integrity with our customers.

There are also other tasks that exist outside of Gainsight and in order to prioritise tasks, it is best practice to have a holistic view of the pending action items.

Todo task groups are stored in the Exchange mailbox and can be administered with the Task REST API.


As a first phase, I would like the task to be created in Gainsight as an action item from a meeting. On save it should use the API to create the task and the task should then be set to complete in Gainsight.


As a 2nd phase, a 2 way sync would be ideal so that Gainsight has an accurate view of the task status.




4 replies

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@stuv sorry for the delay here. I need to sync-up with the product team on this, It would take good amount of time to get back to you. Thanks

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Hello @stuv 

Thanks for sharing this, I will check this.

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Hello @stuv 

I am currently analysing this, please allow us couple of weeks to get back to you. 

@chetan_parmar Could you please provide some visibility on this feature? Having a dedicated task manager for CTAs is critical for us to adopt the feature. It is a general feedback from our teams.