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task due date based on another field in SFDC

  • 27 July 2016
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I need to base a task due date off of another field within SFDC ... but i do not have a choice on the date field within a playbook to select another date field... any ideas on how we could do this?  

4 replies

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Makes sense, Kiersti. We'll consider this along with similar enhancements to the Rules Engine CTA action and Objective/Tasks in Success Plan templates.

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Hi there, any update on if this will be included in a future release? It would be nice if we could set due dates for CTAs/Success Plans based on fields like "contract start date" or "next renewal date". 
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Hi There,

I too got a similar requirement from one of the customer, so just wanted to check in the status of the request. To be precise the requirement goes like this-

1. If there is a way to set the due date of a Playbook based off of other fields, that would be ideal. 

2. Alternatively, if it is possible to set the CTA Due Date in the Rules Engine (Action: Call to Action) based on a field that would work as well. 
And as per the current behavior, we couldn't achieve this use-case but I will be posting this as a feature request onto our Gainsight portal so that it can be considered by our Product team.
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Any update on this item?