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Tags for NXT

  • 5 April 2020
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Hi team, it would be absolutely amazing if we could create and edit tags within Gainsight NXT. It wasn’t immediately clear to us during the initial implementation that tags were a Salesforce-only feature.


We understand that it’s possible to define criteria according to Rules Engine, but tags are a more end-user friendly way to segment and identify customers and their behaviours.

2 replies

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@ashleyunity Thanks for bringing this up! currently, we don’t have this in our road-map. I am redirecting this to our product team to check the possibilities. I also want other customer's inputs/interests here.

@All, please vote your interest here! we do change the priority of the road-map based on customer's interest. 


I agree.  I would like to be able to tag R360s in NXT.  I can think of numerous use cases where creating a tag of any text would be particularly useful--and then being able to create a report with a filter by tag(s)…

(Note:  Just to be clear, these tags would not be social or people-tagging.  That is, the tags would NOT be names.)

For instance, tags could be:

  • “needs-success-plan” for a CSM manager to request the CSM to create a success plan
  • “data-problem” to flag to our Gainsight Administrator that this is a record with a problem, 
  • “internal-ticket-247” to make it easier for our internal team to find the correct R360 to investigate a problem on
  • “february-2021-executive-review” to highlight customers selected for an executive review
  • “assign-to-CSM-23” to tag an R360 to be assigned to a future, as-yet-not-yet-hired CSM.

If there are currently ways that others are handling use cases like this, please suggest in comments below.