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Systems Admin privileges required for Gainsight Admin role

  • 4 February 2016
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Our security environment does not allow Salesfoce non-systems admins to have the following We need three permissions.  This is causing the Gainsight admin to work with a salesforce admin in to create measures of add custom labels.  Thus making a on person task a 2 person task.  Can you please design a solution that does not require these permissions to create a custom lable or measure?API Enabled

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2 replies

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Thanks Rosalinda for your post. We are currently evaluating restrictions in doing Gainsight admin-related tasks for someone who is not an SFDC system admin; and then look to remove the need for permissions not required. Since some of GS data are built on top SFDC objects, there maybe some limitations though.
This would be most helpful! As the Admin it adds so much turnaround time and extra coordination with our change team to get simple changes done without the non-sys admin permissions in Salesforce.  This would be a great improvement for my operational scheduling.