Sync to Chatter - Need this on Opportunity

  • 13 April 2015
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When CSMs are working through CTAs and Playbooks, and they comment and it syncs to chatter, it would be great to be able to so Sync the Chatter information to the Open Renewal Opportunity, as opposed to the Account Level, as the Renewal is where the CSM will be spending all of their time. Not the account at all.. 

3 replies

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I had the same requirement come in. Currently the CTA is linked to the account, but the team would like to see or be able to post on the renewal opportunity related chatter feed
Same here. Please implement  this quickly, our CSMs do not spend that much time at the account level, but at the oppty level all the time.
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We just released a new feature to handle seeing Oppty data on the slideout section on Cockpit.  Good suggestion to add the option to post onto the associated object, e.g. Opportunity.