Sync tasks to calendar

  • 8 September 2020
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It’s nice to be able to sync activity and cta’s, but it’s not really valuable as you cant sync tasks yet. I would only use this feature to be reminded of what I have to do. 

5 replies

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That’s correct. You can only sync CTAs as of now and here’s how to set it up: Cockpit Calendar Integration. This was released just a few months ago. 

I agree, it would be great to be able to sync individual tasks as well so that CSMs can see this on their calendar too. 

This idea might also be helpful if it becomes possible to sync tasks: 


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@salmamohamed did you get a chance to look into the comments posted by @jean.nairon ?


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Ah I didn’t know this, and as my team gets prepared to migrate over to NXT, the CSMs are very much looking forward to the calendar integration. I’m not sure they will be happy once they learn that the tasks do not get sync’d.

Does the CTA due date get prioritized in the calendar sync or the most imminent task due date? 

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Our CSMs are not using the feature bc they want the tasks synced

Our CSMs also would like to see this feature implemented- tasks synched to calendar.. Would be major!