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  • 29 March 2016
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We'd like to create a seamless brand experience for our clients by maintaining and consistent look and feel (more than just colors & logos) across all communications - including surveys.  

Is it possible to add capabilities to so that we can apply custom HTML/CSS coding to a survey and/or survey template to ensure our brand is delivered consistently across all touch-points?   A WYSIWYG option down the road would be even more helpful.

8 replies

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Good idea! Broad customization/skinning is not on the short term plan. I believe we allow logo to be updated. Are there are other specific items (e.g. change background and text color) that would make sense to do?
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Logo is an expected minimum.  I would like to be able to apply customized HTML/CSS to an entire survey page, similar to the editing capabilities of an email template:  colors, background images, fonts, the whole nine-yards.  The experience our clients have between our website, our emails, our our landing pages, and our surveys should be as close to seamless and un-jarring to the user's eye as possible.  Lastly, I would like to be able to remove the "powered by Gainsight" logo and link.  While we are fans of what Gainsight can do for us, we paid handsomely for the system and have very little interest in advertising on behalf of another company.  In reality, we should be charging you to advertise to our client base...just sayin'.
The ability to use HTML within survey questions (to enter down, etc) would be super helpful to customize it further. Adjusting the text size / font to be in brand would be helpful as well!
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This is a major need for us - we're going to have to use Marketo or another product to create surveys with html/css involved...
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Currently the team is working on improving reporting for surveys, support relationships and incorporate some feedback from multi-lingual, so unfortunately this is not on the cards for Q2. Post Q2, we plan to add more customization, starting with logo replacement. 
Hello Gaurav,

Is there a way to obtain current status and write-up of the changes / updates / augmentations that are being proposed. As Ryan has outlined, our requirements are to have the customer / user experience mirror that of our companies branding.

All aspects of our communication are expected to resemble that of our corporate branding best practices or we will struggle with being able to incorporate these communication mechanisms. Also, when we use textual formatting basic color coding isn't a substitute for our corporate RGB color scheme.

Additionally, even if we leverage the customized templates through Salesforce, logos never show up on the recipient side, the template is overly manual to build / construct and the URL would benefit from resembling a TinyURL vs. the extended version.

Thank you in advance for your help and take care.

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Custom Color Options! 🙂 Yes please!
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You can configure the Survey’s visual appearance. For more information refer here.

Happy posting! Thank you!