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Survey Analytics/Reports on Dashboards

  • 29 June 2021
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The reports in the Survey Analytics tool are incredibly useful but are often impossible to replicate using Report Builder. We have matrix style questions or multiple choice questions that, when in Report Builder, come out looking awkward, or multiple selections are separated by commas instead of being counted as individual responses towards a percentage. 

I think the survey reports should be available to add to dashboards as they are, rather than having to go rebuild with the data using several unrelated objects in Report Builder

3 replies

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@sashicago agree with you and thank you for sharing your request here.  This will really reduce the manual efforts in creating reports. I vote for it and I will check with the product team. 

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Hi @sashicago - thank you for the feedback. Can you elaborate more about the challenges you are facing building the custom reports in Report Builder - perhaps we can help you in building them. Also, what are the common themes/types of reports you build related to Surveys.

Hi there @richa_bala -- I am attempting to recreate the report available on the Analyze section of the Survey tool

For example, this attached image of the report for a multiple choice question:

In the report builder all answers are separated by commas, which makes it impossible to recreate this report and get a better idea of how many of our participants expressed interest in each category