Summary Level Formulas in Reporting

  • 17 August 2020
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Something that’s missing functionality wise for me and stopping us from moving a lot of reporting over from SFDC is the ability to do a summary-level formula. 


Real-use case

As some background, once a timeline entry is logged in GS we push to SF as an event, we then run some logic on the event record and “fulfil” those which should be charged for (professional services), we then push back all event records in to a custom object (as we can’t update the original timeline entry with this information). 

Each record therefore says how many hours it was for, and whether it was fulfilled or not. What I want to be able to do is report on the % of hours fulfilled, and then dynamically on a dashboard this would show based on the users filters, e.g. they might look just at their own accounts, or a leader might be looking at the whole book of business. 

In SF we do this by having a summary-level formula (which is referencing a row-level formula, but as that’s using an IF statement this would also not be possible in GS, but could get around it using a rule <not ideal, but doable>)



1 reply

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Hi @HollySimmons 

Thanks for posting this. I do believe that this is a very valid analytics use case. We do have across the row formulae in reporting in our roadmap. For now do leverage Data Designer / Rules to create those in data prep itself. @sai_ram can you merge it with any other across the row formulae in reporting posts in the community?