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Success Plans: Populate Custom Fields with a Lookup while creating

  • 7 September 2021
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Right now, you cannot edit a Success Plan after it is created. I am trying to do a workaround where I have:

  1. Custom Field on the Success Plan that is an ID
  2. Custom Field is a Lookup to a Custom Object via ID
  3. The custom object actually holds the content that is going to be continuously updated from SFDC

Unfortunately, you cannot map/ populate a field using a value from a query (like you can with mapping to literally anything else in GS rules engine). Instead, it only allows you to input a custom static value, which will not allow this workaround to work. Regardless of lookup, I should be able to populate a value on a Success Plan with a pre-set value from a query


2 replies

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Hello @andreammelde, thank you for your post. Forwarding your question/ask to the Product Manager to take a look and get back to you with an answer to this. 

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If the custom field - “enablement transition SFDC record ID” is a lookup to an ID field of a custom object, then only those fields in show-me section of setup rule which lookup to the same ID field of the same custom object will be allowed to be mapped. This is to ensure only the data that is available in lD field of custom object is entered into “enablement transition SFDC record ID”.

Where as any field in show-me section of setup rule can be mapped to fields like “description” because rich text fields accept any data/data-type.