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Success Plans: Add ability to assign Responsibility for a task to someone other than owner

  • 15 February 2016
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I know the first response will probably be "Just change the Owner of the task to someone else..." but hear me out...

We intend to use Success Plans as a joint plan between us and the customer.   There may be tasks to document which require someone from the customer's team to be responsible for delivering, but since the customer does not have access to Gainsight to provide updates, etc.  the CSM would still need to be the Owner of the task.

What about creating a free text "Responsible" field that allows you to assign responsibility to someone other than the task Owner?


Allow the Owner field to do a lookup on the Contacts table as well as users.  

Of course this would make it appear in Cockpit as if the Customer contact owns the task...but it would still be visible to the CSM yes?

Basically just need a way to assign responsibility to someone externally while allowing CSM to maintain visibility and management of the task.

2 replies

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Hi Jeff,

We are coming up with a customer interface, which basically will be Gainsight UI for your customers. Through this UI, your customers can access success plans and collaborate on it. It will also have workflow components like 'Assign task to customer' and of course CSM will have total visibility on the plan. ETA to be decided.