Success plan: Save button should come after changing status from Draft to active

  • 14 March 2019
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Hi team,

One of the customer reported a scenario for success plans. While using and creating success plans we have encountered an issue with changing the plans status and saving the data entered into the plan. When creating a plans if the status is changed from one status to the another before saving any changes it will then erase anything that was entered.

This is a common occurrence when a CSM is filling out a new plan and it is in draft status. If we change the status over to active before clicking on the check mark to save the plan it will erase everything they have entered.

This seems to be expected behaviour from our end. But, The reason for changing it to active before saving is that is a more natural process. When a CSM is going in and making their updates and or changes to a dashboard it is more of a natural process to make all changes and then click on save. It is not a normal process flow to have to click save and then change the status.

1 reply

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Hello Hardik,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and implemented in the Success Plan Horizon Analytics available in Gainsight NXT. Success Plan Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as expandable fields and an auto-save feature when creating new Success Plans.

Thanks for posting!