Success Plan Objective/Task Screen Customization

  • 21 April 2020
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I am trying to find a better way to capture customer KPI targets towards their objectives and their current progress towards those objectives.  I want the team to be more data driven in their conversations and right now the Success Criteria is text and not the best for capturing goal progress/status.  I’d like to add additional fields to help with this. 

One idea I had was to customize either the Objective or Task screen at the success plan level.  Right now the Task screen is the same for all tasks (for Success Plans and CTAs).  And the Objective screen is not customizable (from what I can find).  Would it be possible to make the success plan objective and/or task customizable?   

7 replies

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Hi @amckay 

You can configure the layout for Objectives but any customization done for the task layout is global (i.e applies to all CTA types). In your use-case are the metrics/KPIs captured manually...if so, you can create custom fields and add them to the objective layout and your team can capture the progress in those fields. Would that work?


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@amckay Did you get a chance to view the comments here. We need your inputs here.

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Sorry I missed the initial response. Yes, I’m aware we can create custom fields, but I don’t love the idea of the Task layout being the same globally as it doesn’t always apply to a task associated with a CTA. It more applies to the Objective CTA. 

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Got it @amckay. As of today we don't have any active plans of adding this capability but will keep you if there is any update on this. 

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We need the ability to have different layouts for the different objective types, and also have further flexibility to remove some of the fields on the Objective such as; 

Success Criteria



these are both rich-text fields and we would prefer to not use them in this format (and create our own versions) as they are annoying in reporting etc. 

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We are thinking of multiple CTAs types in the success plan. This is in our long time roadmap. Admin could configure different layout for each CTA type 



Following to see if this ends up on roadmap.