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Success Plan Mass Edit to Close

  • 26 May 2021
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Currently you are not able to do a mass edit to close Success Plans. This is helpful for an admin to have the ability to do if the strategy changes and we need to shift a focus for the team. Additionally we have quarterly plans that get triggered. It would be helpful to be able to mass close the previous quarter plan to limit confusion

4 replies

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@andreammelde we are actively working on the Success plan 2.0, hope this should be possible with the redesign.

Thank you for sharing the request, I will check with the product team on this and get back to you.

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HI @andreammelde 

Closing success plan via rules engine is in mid term roadmap. Will this solution solve the problem?

Related to this thread, is there a way to "edit all / save all"  i.e. when a CSM is working on a success plan they don’t have to click edit / save for every single field, they can edit all and then save all when done editing?

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In the new Success plan Horizon Exp, all fields (except RTE fields) in plan info page autosave when user clicks anywhere outside the field value box.