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Success Plan Field Limitations

  • 9 November 2019
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While you can map simple data types when creating a Success Plan with a Bionic rule, other data types do not work as expected resulting in having to use less than ideal workarounds (passing them in as text).

  • We need the ability to map URLs from SFDC to Success Plans
  • We need the ability to map Multi Picklists from SFDC to Success Plans

I will note that you can pull data types such as URLs and Picklists from SFDC and update a table in Gainsight just fine, it just seems to be a limitation when creating a Success Plan or a CTA.

7 replies

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Hi Tommy,

Thanks a lot for sharing this. If the field on both the success plan & the target is of the type “URL” then you should be able to map then via rule engine (when creating a success plan)


For picklists you can do a field mapping (but not dynamically using the fetched fields). 

Let me know if that helps

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We’re using Gainsight NXT and I have recreated a simple case where I’m pulling a URL field from Salesforce and attempting to map to a URL field on the Success plan with no luck like you’ve shown.


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This happens to us as well. Our issue is that if we try to load to a custom field that has a look up on Success Plans when generating a success plan via a rule, it will not work. Once you create a field, you cannot retroactively make it a lookup, and if you do a lookup from an custom object to Success Plans it will only go one way.


Same as the other use case - I can load to other objects where the field is a lookup without issue, so not sure why it is an issue for Success Plans

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@andreammelde and @Tommy sorry for the inconvenience. I will check for the alternate and also sharing this with the product team. 

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You are having an issue when mapping URL field to success plan via rules engine or is it any field? Could you explain the business use case you are trying to solve here. 

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@Cornelia any update on this? I also want to add that we should be able to map a single select picklist from salesforce to a single select picklist on a success plan via rules. Can we also not block progression of these as with ‘response from customer’ if there is any comment with a question not replied to?


@Anil Raj Pujari there are certain fields you can’t map to success plans from salesforce, which is what the post is about. The business case everyone here is trying to solve, is using external (SFDC in this case) data to create/updated/map to success plans. This is handy when you want to include specific information from said external source in your success plan (customer goals from sales? Invoice data? Who knows!) and have that live in the SP and not need someone to go to another system to grab it.


@CarollynnC FYI :)

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Hey @bradleymcg, having this looked into by the Product Manager to share an update for you here.