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Success Plan display in C360 and enhancements

  • 21 September 2015
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Currently the way Success Plans are displayed in C360 is not very appealing or user friendly.  It is not obvious to our users that you there are more than one success plans available and they have to select from drop-down, etc..  It would work and display much better if there was a display option to show a list of success plans followed by key info in a horizontal format.  Clicking on the Success plan would then bring you into the success plan details screen.

Also, would love to have progress% and dependencies added so we could use them like simple project plans instead of having to maintain them in a project management tool or spreadsheet and separately in Gainsight.

4 replies

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the feedback. Progress% and dependencies are already in our roadmap. I've added your other suggestion to the roadmap too.
Actual timing is TBD.

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Adding a couple of more UI details to this thread

1) in the Success Plan Info field configuration panel, I can only add or remove a field but can't reorganize the sequence of the selected fields. This is quite a pain as all the fields are laid out in UI as one left, on right, not first half left, and first half right. I'd like to have a group of fields listed together vertically for easy-read and it is very difficult to edit. 

2) I understand objective leverages cockpit UI structure. So under "Objective", it would have a grey-color label as "objective" on each objective... But from a user perspective, this piece of information is redundant (unlike in cockpit, it is helpful to know the type of CTAs). Instead, I would rather see the objective category, but right now, i will have to click on each to figure out what type of objective it is... 

If it is difficult to remove the CTA type label, I would appreciate at least the possibility to add in custom field for easy read. (here specifically, "objective category"). Thanks. 
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Hi Annie,

Great inputs. Thanks!
We have made of note of you inputs and will add it in the roadmap.

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Update: We have made the change of displaying Objective Category instead of CTA Type in C360-Success Plans.

We are working on other ideas mentioned in this thread too. I will keep you updated about the status.