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Feedback from a CSM on filling in the fields on the front page of the Success plans. Doesn't like that you have to click the check to save the changes. There have been several instances where's she's entered a lot of info, and then, forgot to check the check to save and had to add it all again. Would be great for it to auto-save while you are typing versus having to check the check. Or give you a reminder that you need to save.

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Hi Heather,

I totally agree with you. Improving success plans UI is in our short term roadmap. This will include auto saving changes in plan info fields.

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All fields (except RTE) in new success plan Horizon Experience would auto save.

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Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and implemented in the Success Plan Horizon Analytics available in Gainsight NXT. Success Plan Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as expandable fields and an auto-save feature when creating new Success Plans.

Thanks for posting!


Our CSMs have been bringing this up for Success Plan descriptions when adding RTE. We currently have the Success Plan Horizon experience enabled. Rich text is the majority of valuable information a CSM is manually adding to a success plan. Today we open custom fields to apply information and if you select save, it will only save text applied within one custom field and delete any other text added to another custom field at the same time.


Requesting auto-save to be applied for RTE fields. Today our CS team will build success plan information within word documents and then copy/paste to decrease the chances of spending time adding text in a success plan field and losing it.

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Thank you for the feedback. I can understand the need for auto save in RTE fields. We are evaluating solutions to improve this.