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Success Plan: Default Owner as ID or Running User

  • 22 March 2021
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As the owner field can be set to either any User ID on the rule. It would be good if we can have an option to make the default owner as the author or other User ID. This way we could avoid creating dummy user in the system as the default owner of the Success Plan to hold the record. Thank you!!

2 replies

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Current config for default owner is user always, but the ask here is, default owner for success plan or cta to allow a user or running show field user from the rule which will never be blank. 

Use case here is, a sentiment from an activity says red temperature for a customer or relationship, and if we want to create a success plan or a CTA for that customer, we wanted to assign it to the account CSM. Additionally, we wanted it assigned to Activity owner when CSM is blank which couldn’t be achieved.

Current method of Load to CTA or SP allow to tag default owner and not to a running user id from the rule. 

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Thank you for sharing the feedback. In rules engine, having more options for default owner is in the medium term roadmap.