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Success Plan, CTA, and Timeline - Update Rules

  • 26 May 2021
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We have many, many customers who have needs to update these very critical objects: (1) CTA; (2) Success Plans; (3) Timeline from a bionic rule and there is limited/no ability to do so.


Please make this available.  The needs arise when you build out processes and need to trigger changes due to other updates.  Rules does a great job of finding what the update should be, but there is no ability for this.



3 replies

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@jim_barker sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for sharing your request here. 

Could you please help withthe use-cases for the above requirement, this would help for me to discuss more with product team. 


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From success plans perspective, editing success plans via rules engine is in mid term roadmap. Could you please elaborate what options you would like when editing/updating success plans via rules. 

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@jim_barker For cockpit too, we have planned updates via rules engine in our medium term roadmap. Thanks.