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Success Plan Contacts Based on Company Person or Account Contact Relationship Objects

  • 24 August 2020
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We use Gainsight to manage customers at the logo (or Ultimate Parent) level, so we have Success Plans that are created at the top-level parent, but involve child-level contacts. Currently, the Contacts on the Success Plans are based off of the Contact object in SFDC, with no ability to switch this to Company Person or Account Contact Relationship objects. This can be done for Associated Contacts on CTAs, however. 

Either having the Success Plan object shift to using Company Person (like Timeline has shifted), or enabling the ability to base Contacts off of the Account Contact Relationship object (like CTA object) would allow our CSMs to create Success Plans at the Ultimate Parent level and associate child contacts to the plan.

2 replies

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In our NXT edition Success Plans works completely off Company Person & Relationship Person but we dont have any plans of making a similar change in our SFDC edition at this time


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Checking in to see if this is still not planned for SFDC. We won’t migrate to NXT for quite some time and we’ll start heavily using Success Plans in January 2022.