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Success Plan Close Date Flexibility

  • 30 October 2018
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Currently, you have the ability to adjust the Start Date and Due Date on individual Objectives within Success Plans. Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to adjust the Close Date for Objectives though. Currently, Close Dates are controlled by checking off the Objective within Objectives or the Gantt Chart - and cannot be applied to previous dates. Additionally, if you accidentally uncheck an Objective and need to re-close it, you are not able to keep the previous Close Date.

I can give a few use cases of when it would be helpful to be able to manually adjust the Close Date of an Objective or Task within:

  • If one of our Consultants are on a site visit, and they accomplish a number of tasks within the Success Plan, but do not have the time to check these off until they are back in the office a few days later. currently, the Close Date (when the task was completed) would be inaccurate.
  • If we are sharing a Success Plan with one of our clients to manage our project plan, and one of these Objectives is actually a client task, the client would need to inform our Consultant of when this task was complete. If the Consultant is not able to check off the Objective on that specific date.
I would find additional flexibility with this field to be very helpful in being able to accurately track time to completion for our Objectives within Success Plans. I am also very interested in any workarounds others within the community may have come up with!

7 replies

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Hi Nicole,

Thanks for sharing this. For now, the closed date is the date on which the task was cannot be changed. Will conside this based on how many other customers also need this funcitonality (since there are chances of misuse of this functionality)

Also, if the main place you want to view this is the Gantt can keep modifying the due date (since the bars of the gantt chart are built on that). Also, for reporting you can use Due Date as a proxy , if that would work for you.


We have since found a workaround to this functionality by creating an additional "override" field and using Workflows within Salesforce. If any other users also have need for this flexibility I am happy to talk through our process.

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I would definitely welcome the in-GS functionlity to override the completed date and for CSM’s to be able to say when the task was done. If there is concern of misuse I would suggest is be an option to turn on by the admin so that field is editable or not by the specific user group. 

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Often Success Plans are built half way through the plan and already completed tasks are desired to be added and closed but all show as closed on the same day. I think that the use case for overriding the date is more needed than the risk of mis-use but as per the reply above, allowing this to be role based could be a good solution. e.g only Admins can adjust the close date.

@nicole_hackbarth We have a need of having the ability to adjust the Close Date for Objectives and tasks. Can you please elaborate the workaround to this functionality/process of  by creating this additional "override" field ?

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@vvashisth I am working to find a workaround. I will update you here!

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@vvashisth sorry for the delay here. There is no workaround for this. 

Changing this to idea.

@All,  request to up-vote here if you are interested in this request.