Stop non admin users from deleting CTAs

  • 3 August 2015
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We need the ability to only let administrators delete CTAs.  We would like our reps to close the CTAs and not delete them.

8 replies

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Totally - there are other things that should be just admins, like creation/modification of playbooks.
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Thanks for your feedback! Right now we do have an option to limit this from the product but it is something we have heard from customers. I am going to route this to our product team as an idea so that they can further comment. 
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Hi Kristin, thanks for your feedback and agree with your points. We have active plans to limit creation/modification of playbooks to admins or other users with this explicit permission. After that will look more broadly at other permissions including stopping non-admin user from deleting CTAs. Thanks. 
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and deleting accounts 🙂 non-admin users should not be able to do that in the Customer tab. 
Any update on this?
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We also would like to restrict our end users of the ability to delete CTAs.  Any further plans for this?
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Are there any updates on this functionality? We want only admins to be able to delete CTAs.

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