Sticky Filters in Global Timeline

  • 4 December 2018
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Hey Guys,

I was speaking with a customer today about filters on the Global Timeline. Do we see having the ability to have sticky filters when filtering by Author?

11 replies

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Absolutely! This is on our roadmap and should be available in medium term.



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@nitisha_rathi  - Is medium term coming soon?  We’d really like to see this.

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Yes this would be really great to have. Thank you

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@michael_sweeney @j.peabody @jrosenbloomcs, there’s an idea posted for this. Please come help us vote it up. :slight_smile:

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100% a much needed feature. Everyone upvote the idea!

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This will be available in Aug release

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Thank you @nitisha_rathi !!

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Awesome @nitisha_rathi . This will be so useful!

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We wanted to bring the best experience in Timeline and to solve for some of the pending issues, we are delaying the release. This functionality will be now available in Oct release.

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Update: Filters are now available in Global and 360 Timeline. 

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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.18 release (SFDC / NXT). With this release, the new View functionality gives users options to save applied filters and quickly select them at a later time. Users can save a new view by either selecting the Create New View option from the view dropdown or by clicking the Save As New option that displays when filters are applied to the Timeline List View.

This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.

Thanks for posting!