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Sponsor Tracking: Need an administrative function to disable any update contact functions

  • 4 August 2016
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We discovered this week that Sponsor Tracking will allow updates to the SFDC Contact object....this was not disclosed to us during our initial setup of the environment, but shame on us for not paying closer attention to the documentation.

Our SFDC contact records are associated with an end users' Customer Portal profile (which is regularly synced via an external process, based on any updates by the end user).  We are not permitted to make updates to that record, yet Sponsor Tracking allows you to do so via Accept Changes or Edit.  I realize there is an Ignore Changes option, but it is too risky to leave in the hands of end users that they may not inadvertently accept the changes.  

We want to use Sponsor Tracking so that we can alert CSMs to any changes via CTAs, but do not want those changes to affect the SFDC Contact record...ONLY the Sponsor Tracking record.

We need an administrative option to override the Accept Changes/Edit Changes functionality.  Unfortunately until that is available, we will be forced to disable Sponsor Tracking in our production environment.

3 replies

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Thanks for your feedback Jeff. As you mentioned, we don't automatically update the contacts record, only if a user decides to explicitly update the contact, but I understand you want to a way to completely restrict this. I'll talk to the team to see how we can add this.  Also, as another safeguard, even if CSM/user decides to update contact, we will only update the title, not location, not account or other information. 
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Gaurav, thanks for the info.  Since we have another automated process that also updates the contact record (and would overwrite the title field anyway) I feel very uncomfortable having two automated processes (in GS I know it only happens if the CSM clicks 'Accept' but the code to update is outside our control, thus 'automated') updating the record. Anything that has the potential to update a SFDC object directly should have an optional "off" switch.
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